Rockport Carrier Co.

Rockport Carrier Co. is a Moose Jaw-based transportation company offering safe, reliable and innovative freight delivery throughout Canada and the US.

With a large fleet of dry vans, flatbeds and specialized transport at our disposal, we can service a wide range of industries. Our experienced logistics team keeps supply chains running smoothly, whether you’re moving one load a week or dozens each day.

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Rockport Highway

Rockport highway services are there for you every step of the way. Our dry vans are ready to travel throughout Canada and the US to deliver your freight on time and within budget.

We offer a 24/7 emergency dispatch for urgent deliveries, our trucks are satellite equipped and we’re licensed to haul hazmat freight. Our specialized equipment meets the unique needs of long haul drivers and we operate to the highest safety standards.

You can depend on Rockport highway for professional, reliable freight delivery, whether you need short or long haul transport.



Rockport Logistics

Our Rockport logistics team are experts at streamlining complex deliveries and quickly work out the best possible solutions to get your freight from A to B.

No matter what type of cargo you’re moving, our experienced team can evaluate the best mode of transportation for your freight, and plan the optimum route. We communicate with all parties in your supply chain from start to finish, to ensure your freight is delivered on time and within budget.

Talk to our logistics team about your shipping needs today and let us organize your delivery.

Rockport Carrier provides transportation for the prairies, throughout Canada and all 48 US states.

Trust us to deliver your freight on time and within budget, request a quote today!