Flatbed & Specialized Services

Rockport Carrier Co. has a solution, no matter the complexity. With flatbeds and specialized services, plus highly trained drivers, we can transport tricky loads from A to B for any industry.

For transporting industrial or agricultural machinery, equipment, or anything else that won’t fit in an enclosed trailer, we offer a flatbed trailer. Our highly trained drivers will help you secure your freight and safely transport it to where it needs to go.

We deliver excellent specialized services to meet the unique needs of long haul drivers (inverters / fridges / bunk heat / engine heat) for journeys across Canada and into the US.

Rockport Carrier provides shipping from Moose Jaw to anywhere in Canada and all 48 US states.

Trust us to deliver your freight on-time and within budget, request a quote today!

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Why Choose Rockport Carrier?

Transport Service Trucking In Saskatchewan - Rockport Carrier


Awkward, over-dimensional or sensitive loads are carefully handled by our experienced, highly-trained drivers.

Transport Logistics Services - Rockport Carrier

C-TPAT & PIP Certified

We’re licensed to haul a wide variety of freight and are fully compliant with C-TPAT and PIP audits. All of our loads are security sealed loads.

Transportation And Freight Logistics - Rockport Carrier

One-Stop-Shop for Transportation

We save you time and money, no need for multiple carriers for your deliveries.

Transport Freight Services - Rockport Carrier

24/7 Dispatch Service

Rockport transportation can be ready at a moment’s notice to get your goods delivered on time and within budget.

Transport Service Company In Saskatchewan - Rockport Carrier


We provide a diverse fleet of highway transportation to suit the needs of several industries.

Trucking And Transportation - Rockport Carrier


Rockport Carrier Co. uses trusted equipment names in the transport industry, such as Wilson, LoadKing, Reitnouer, and Manac.

  • Farm Equipment
  • Coal Chute’s
  • Pipe
  • Excavation Equipment
  • Sea Can Containers
  • Oversize loads
  • Tarped Loads
  • General freight

53’ step deck trailers:

  • Customs – Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT)
  • Certification in Canada & USA
  • Partners In Protection (PIP) Certification in Canada & USA

For more information on our Flatbed & Specialized Highway Services please contact: