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With over 20 years of combined experience in our logistics department, we can evaluate the best mode of transportation, and plan an optimum route for your freight.

Moving freight safely from A to B might seem a simple task, but changes in the supply chain can cause unexpected hiccups. Our Rockport logistics team are experts at streamlining complex deliveries and quickly work out the best possible solutions. We communicate with all parties, every step of the way, to ensure your freight is delivered on time and within budget.

We have the relationships and resources needed to simplify freight transportation, making it quicker, and more cost effective. No matter what type of cargo you’re moving, our experienced team is happy to help and find you the best logistics solution, whether it be for general, specialized, or team.

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You can count on the Rockport logistics team to come up with the best supply chain solution. From route planning to delivery, we’ve got you covered.

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Why Choose Rockport Carrier?

Transport Service Trucking In Saskatchewan - Rockport Carrier

Experienced recommendations

We evaluate the best mode of transport for your freight based on our past experience, seasonality and capacity.

Truck Freight Services - Rockport Carrier

In-person consultation

Our friendly in-house Rockport logistics team communicate with you at every stage from route planning to delivery.

Truck Logistics Services - Rockport Carrier

Route and site planning

Comprehensive transport configurations based on past experience to put your mind at ease.

Truck Freight Shipping - Rockport Carrier

Flexibility and coverage

With a wide range of resources to suit any industry we can ensure smooth sailing for domestic or cross border haulage.

Trucking And Transportation - Rockport Carrier

Trusted long haul shipping

Specialized equipment to meet the unique needs of long haul drivers for successful cross-border deliveries.

Transport Logistics Services - Rockport Carrier

C-TPAT & PIP Certified

We’re licensed to haul a wide variety of freight and are fully compliant with C-TPAT and PIP audits. All of our loads are security sealed loads.

For more information on our 3PL logisitical services please contact:

Dry Van Brokerage / Cross Border Todd Ashby

todd@rockportcarrier.ca 1-306-694-0660 Ext 233

Dry Van Brokerage/ Cross Border/ Over Dimensional / Overseas Kim Visser

kim@rockportcarrier.ca 1-306-694-0660 Ext 243