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In 1997, Rockport Carrier’s owners Garett Teriann and Joe Been “bought out” three other partners and reorganized the company to improve operations. In 2006, Rockport Carrier moved to a newly constructed, state of the art facility which allowed the office, dispatch, shop, and drivers to be housed at one location. This has allowed Garett and Joe to have daily contact with all the drivers and equipment in their fleet. In February of 2018, they started a Deck division that they are slowly growing with company drivers and owner-operators.

Today, Rockport Carrier Co. offers safe, reliable and innovative freight delivery throughout Canada and the US. With a growing fleet of dry vans, step decks and specialized transport at our disposal, we can service a wide range of industries. Our experienced logistics team keeps supply chains running smoothly whether you want to move one load a week or dozens each day.

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Garret and Joe’s improvements to Rockport Carrier:

Providing 24/7
on call emergency dispatch.

Ensuring all trucks are
satellite equipped.

A safety consultant who aids in the development of safe work processes and safety management systems.

Ensuring drivers are held accountable for responsible driving and implementing a performance bonus program for drivers who are.

Aggressive maintenance
programs on all units.

Installing governances
on all power units.

Internal administration to handle driver files, safety compliance and monitoring.

Full orientation to
all new employees.

Educating all Rockport Carrier Co. staff on the impact of claims frequency to the company’s risk financing costs.

Mission, Vision and Values

Rockport Carrier Co. is a very family oriented business and takes pride in the accomplishments and relationships it’s built over the years. Our values are based on loyalty, honesty, transparency and integrity. The executive and management of Rockport Carrier Co Inc. is committed to ensuring the safety of its employees, customers and the communities in which the company operates.

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